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Episode 31: ...AND WE'RE BACK! Servicing and Loss Mit in the age of the Coronavirus with Floyd Drew

Hear from a mortgage servicing attorney about what you need to know as borrowers around the country seek payment forbearance on their mortgages.

The world has been turned upside-down with the Coronavirus pandemic. Those in the mortgage industry are no strangers to crisis, as it doesn't seem all that long ago when the mortgage meltdown displaced homeowners and servicers struggled to help them. Fast forward nearly a decade, and we are much better positioned to handle the potential onslaught. As a lender or servicer, what do you need to know now as the newly passed CARES Act is implemented and forbearance relief is rolled out? How to do you position yourself to be proactive rather than reactive? Join me as I ask this and more with servicing attorney Floyd Drew.


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