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Joshua Weinberg, CMCP, President at Firstline
Joshua Weinberg

Josh Keshen, Senior Vice President at Firstline
Josh Keshen
Senior Vice President
Jerra (Holford) Ryan, Senior Vice President at Firstline
Jerra Ryan
Senior Vice President
We're mortgage risk, compliance, technology and operations experts with a proven track record of success. We're ready to leverage our experience to help you solve your compliance and technology challenges.

Meet the Team

Firstline is based on the philosophy that proactive compliance is a competitive advantage. Incorporating compliance into a company’s corporate culture and workflows leads to increased efficiency and profitability.
Richard Triplett, Senior Vice President at Firstline
Richard Triplett
Senior Vice President

Some of Our Experts

Felecia "Flea" Bowers, CRCM, CMCP, Compliance Consultant at Firstline
Felicia Bowers
Jeanne Brown, Compliance Risk Consultant at Firstline
Jeanne Brown
Yessenia (Jessie) Cardozo, Compliance Consultant at Firstline
Jessie Cardozo
Katherine (Kay) Watson, Compliance Consultant at Firstline
Kay Watson
Cassie Ellis, Compliance Risk Consultant at Firstline
Cassie Ellis
Angie Reinwald, Compliance Advisor at Firstline
Angie Reinwald
Terry Walker, Compliance Consultant at Firstline
Terry Walker
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